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served with miso soup and salad
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Garden Sashimi Combo

(15pcs) 3pcs each Salmon, 3pcs Tuna, 3pcs Tai, Butter Fish, 3pcs Salm...
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House Sashimi Combination

(21pcs) 3pcs each Salmon, 3pcs Tuna, 3pcs Yellow Tail, 3pcs Octopus, 3pcs...
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Chirashi Don

(16pcs) Assorted Fish & Seafood on Bed of Sushi Rice, Green Salad & S...
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Sushi Boat

(34pcs) Sushi (10pcs), California Roll (6pcs), Salmon Roll (6pcs), Spicy...
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Avenue Rd. Sushi & Sashimi Combination

(21pcs) Salmon, Tuna, Tai Sashimi (3pcs each), 1pc Octopus, 1pc Yellow...